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Emerald Safety Services

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Do you need professional assistance in developing or updating your safety program. We are able to help you conceptualize your safety manual and protocols and then put them into practice. Part of the setup process includes instituting protocols that are in line with current SECOR and COR rules as well as building a safety statistics tracking system in which you can track incidents and submit safety tickets for investigation. If you have an existing program, we help you to identify any out of date practices and replace them with newer protocols. If needed, we can perform a final safety manual review to check your compliance. Contact us today to develop a safety program that works for you!

When working out on a job site, field safety should always be a priority to prevent mishaps and accidents that may halt production. Site construction safety can be accomplished by properly equipping workers with proper procedures, controls, and safety gear such as hard hats, eye protection, masks, protective clothing, etc. We bring qualified and experienced personnel to your site to provide proper safety supervision. Contact us today to help you with field safety and inspections!

If you need an audit or help developing your field safety program, contact us today for a professional consultation!

Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Street Address:


Phone:   780.380.4704

Emerald Safety Services

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Emerald Safety Services
Grande Prairie, Alberta

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