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Iron Coatings - Sandblasting and Painting

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Re-established in 2012, Iron Coatings is a locally owned and operated company located in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Our management team have over 30 Years experience in the coatings industry and have at one point or another painted about all there is to paint.

Here at Iron Coatings we provide sandblasting and coatings solutions for a broad range of sectors in the Oil & Gas and Commercial industries. We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality, good turn around times and a fair price. With these principles we have seen our customers returning time and again and we have developed great working relationships in our industry.

What we are about.

From the very first day of operation we have been committed to our clients. We will commit our resources, expertise and dedication to every client, work order and opportunity we encounter. Trust and integrity will be our leading guiding principles, honesty and transparency will guide all of our, decisions, actions and projects. We believe that trust between us and our client’s is essential to a successful corporation, we endeavor to strive for our reputation to be that of integrity and trustworthy to our clients.

Above all, IRON COATINGS takes great pride in the caliber of its people and the collective product they represent. We will make a concerted effort to attract and retain the best minds in the business, with broad-ranging expertise in sandblasting and painting, business, the oil & gas industry, operations and many other disciplines

Why Us?

Quality. A great product in a good time and a fair price.

We have amongst our team over 30 years of experience in the blasting and coating industry. We have the facility, equipment and knowledge that enables us to take on a wide range of opportunities.

Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Street Address:


Phone:   780.539.2171

Iron Coatings - Sandblasting and Painting

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Iron Coatings - Sandblasting and Painting
Grande Prairie, Alberta

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