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Platinum Roofing & Building Ltd

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At Platinum Roofing & Building Ltd, we take great pride in our several years as roofing contractors. We care deeply about your residence and also treat it with the same respect as if it were our own home.

We deal with integrity, sincerity and true professionalism. All our contractors are our own staff and we do not outsource to 3rd parties as we need to be able to ensure our very high industry standards. We will certainly never leave a job for the next job.

Platinum Roofing & Building Ltd is an independent family-run company located in Reading, and provides roofing solutions around Reading and also Berkshire.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and the high quality of our service. We offer a one-stop solution for all your roofing enquiries, including rubberised roof coverings, slates, tiles, soffits and facias, and guttering.

One of our skilled managers will co-ordinate your project from start to finish and is accessible to you daily either on the phone or in person.

All our team are skilled workmen that will keep noise to a minimum and will keep the site as tidy as possible for the duration, and will remove all builder's spoils and debris at the end of the works.

Street Address:
Oaklands View, Hillplace, Bath Road, Woolhampton, Reading RG7 5FL, UK


Phone:   0118 968 0877

Platinum Roofing & Building Ltd

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Platinum Roofing & Building Ltd
Oaklands View, Hillplace, Bath Road, Woolhampton, Reading RG7 5FL, UK

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